New Poker Sites For U.S.A. Citizens in 2015

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Updated In March, 2018 - Being an American I know how frustrating in can be to play poker online for real money in 2015. When I think about Delaware or Nevada - and their legal online poker rooms - I do get somewhat jealous. I do feel a little better when I consider the few licensed US poker rooms in those states. They have not done very well. Ultimate Poker in Nevada barely makes enough money to pay for their domain name ($10/yr). Their poker platform regularly deals the same card twice in a hand. Why they didn't just cut a deal with an industry leader like Pokerstars or Bovada? They are the pinnacle of online poker - internationally for Pokerstars and U.S. based for Bovada. Poker players from the USA have two major problems: depositing money and cashing out.

The biggest US poker rooms like Bovada accept do not have these issues but the main US poker networks - Merge and Revolution - are horrible with both. Newer US poker sites in March, 2015 like Bet Online have stolen a large chunk of their traffic because of it. PokerHost is far from a new USA poker room, they are nearly a decade old. As I said on the home page, I am going to ignore US poker rooms with little to no traffic, slow paying rooms and untrustworthy poker rooms like Lock Poker on the Revolution network. I do not know what is new to you and what is not so I will simply list all reputable, high traffic and fast paying US poker sites in 2015, both new and old. You can scan through my list and pick the poker rooms that you have never played at. For more info about the newest 2015 online poker site in the USA and the newest U.S.A. poker network please read this 2015 FullFlush Poker review.

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2015 new poker Sites uSA - Guide to New independent and networked U.S. poker rooms

There are many web sites that contain lists of new poker sites online but is different. I will be using my experiences as an online poker affiliate to help you find the top new Internet poker rooms, the ones worth playing at. I know that most of you are looking for something new, a room that isn't just a generic skin on a failing poker network. Most U.S. online poker networks - Merge and Revolution especially - had a very rough year in 2014. Most new U.S. poker sites in 2015 are part of those failed networks so I will not be mentioning them here. I'm sure you do not want to wait 10+ months (Lock Poker/Revolution) for a payout or have your account closed and funds seized by notorious scammers at I will not be listing much in the way of new European poker sites because there are not many worth listing.

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I will be listing one completely new social-based, webcam poker room for international players on the home page. Our list of new online poker sites in 2015 will include the licensed and regulated new US poker rooms in states that legalized online gambling in 2014 (Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey). All of this combined should help you find a new Internet poker site to start playing at. Years ago I recall searching for the newest online poker sites on a regular basis. I spent hours and hours on Google searching for some amazing new poker site that was on a network that I didn't already have an account at or a new independent poker room. What did I want? I'm not exactly sure to be honest. This was before I started making regular deposits so I suppose that I was hoping to find a new U.S. poker site with a no-deposit bonus or easy to win freerolls or some other promotion that would enable me to turn nothing into something.

I do recall see old, established poker site being listed as "new poker rooms". A quick Google search will show you that this is still a common practice. Visit the top few poker portals in the search results for the term "new online poker sites 2015". The first result is at Cardschat, a poker forum, and they have Lock Poker listed as the top new online poker room in 2015. Not only is Lock Poker not new, they are also owned by crooks who have only paid a handful of players in the last 6 months. Lock Poker funds currently trade for $.15 on the dollar. The other "new Internet poker sites" include Carbon Poker which is actually one of the oldest online poker sites.